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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Team Buckeye

Karl Koon


Team Buckeye is the official super-peloton of The Ohio State University. It brings Buckeye Nation together to ride in Pelotonia, a grassroots bicycling event to raise money for cancer research at Ohio State.


No team in Pelotonia is closer to the reason we all ride. One hundred percent of the money raised by Pelotonia directly benefits Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. It’s a great way to embrace Buckeye pride and be a part of the university’s single largest fundraiser.


Team Buckeye encompasses all pelotons created by Ohio State students, faculty, staff and alumni, and can include their families and friends.


We ride for people we know who’ve been affected by cancer. We ride for the incredible doctors and researchers who work every day to end cancer. We ride because teamwork and effort is what being a Buckeye is all about.


Team Buckeye brings Buckeyes together as one large team with one goal: end cancer.


Peloton Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
10/26/2020 Anonymous $25.00
09/29/2020 Morosco Family $100.00
07/06/2020 Affordable Uniforms on Site LLC $913.17
06/30/2020 Leora Knight $100.00
06/20/2020 Leora Knight $100.00
06/06/2020 Sarah Kelly, in honor of Sye Cole $250.00
05/23/2020 T. Voll $25.00
03/06/2020 Team Buckeye Celebrates Pelotonia 2020 $500.00
02/28/2020 Winifred Sampson $2.50
02/13/2020 Roll: Lane Ave $400.00
02/03/2020 Winifred Sampson $2.50
12/31/2019 Winifred Sampson $2.50
11/30/2019 Winifred Sampson $2.50
11/02/2019 Winifred Sampson $2.50

Member Pelotons (Total Pelotons: 75 - Total Members: 2090)

Peloton Name Amount Raised
Peloton BSR - College of Dentistry $3,500.00
Peloton BSR - College of Vet Med $775.00
Peloton BSR - Pelotonia Fellows $36,648.50
Peloton BSR - Spin Doctors $15,092.29
Peloton BSR - Team Buckeye Student Riders $8,602.13
Peloton Stefanie's Team of Hope $130,211.69
Peloton Team Buckeye-Acute Leuk Troop $4,065.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Alumni & Friends $79,396.12
Peloton Team Buckeye-B&F Rollers $43,493.02
Peloton Team Buckeye-BC4C Wild Bunch $4,855.06
Peloton Team Buckeye-Bikers for Brutus $121,420.68
Peloton Team Buckeye-Bloomfield and de la Chapelle Bikers $2,873.45
Peloton Team Buckeye-Bo's Tire Barn $71,560.40
Peloton Team Buckeye-Brains on Bikes (B.O.B.) $5,000.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Caligiuri-Schoen $176,322.32
Peloton Team Buckeye-CAMELOT $12,582.79
Peloton Team Buckeye-CampusParc $651.96
Peloton Team Buckeye-CancerBridge $8,191.21
Peloton Team Buckeye-CFAES Sustains Life $1,481.64
Peloton Team Buckeye-Champion Chaplains $12,723.87
Peloton Team Buckeye-Chrissy's Colonic Crusaders $2,641.03
Peloton Team Buckeye-College of Nursing Wellness Wonders on Wheels $885.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-College of Public Health $9,545.41
Peloton Team Buckeye-Critical Care Crusaders $2,884.38
Peloton Team Buckeye-Crops to the Clinic $6,545.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Crystal Palace Cancer Crushers $33,116.09
Peloton Team Buckeye-East Hospital $20,928.49
Peloton Team Buckeye-EHL $50,272.49
Peloton Team Buckeye-First Aid $0.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Fisher College Peloton $8,446.26
Peloton Team Buckeye-GI Tumornators $5,000.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Guts in Gear $4,022.01
Peloton Team Buckeye-Hope Highway $36,307.76
Peloton Team Buckeye-Hub of the Wheel $1,950.42
Peloton Team Buckeye-Human Speed-sources $4,030.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-iPedal $15,348.37
Peloton Team Buckeye-JPAS $1,135.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Melanoma Team $8,927.76
Peloton Team Buckeye-NextGen James Ambassadors $22,289.35
Peloton Team Buckeye-OBGYN/GynOnc $32,193.25
Peloton Team Buckeye-Office of Research $3,395.99
Peloton Team Buckeye-OH!IO PeDa1ers $26,587.20
Peloton Team Buckeye-Ohio State Comm $691.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Ohio State Student Life & Friends $7,618.64
Peloton Team Buckeye-OSU Athletics Department $9,378.26
Peloton Team Buckeye-OSU College of Veterinary Medicine $14,495.44
Peloton Team Buckeye-OSU Emergency Medicine $7,162.03
Peloton Team Buckeye-OSU University Libraries $4,927.74
Peloton Team Buckeye-OSU Urology Stream Team $10,012.92
Peloton Team Buckeye-Palliative Pedalers $13,577.64
Peloton Team Buckeye-Patient Experience $86.52
Peloton Team Buckeye-Paz’s Pedalers $9,185.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Pharm Riders $10,319.39
Peloton Team Buckeye-Population Sciences $29,670.66
Peloton Team Buckeye-Propotonia $2,600.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-RadOnc/ Team Rays for the Cure $37,620.49
Peloton Team Buckeye-Rolling for a Cure $23,446.59
Peloton Team Buckeye-Sameek's Geeks $16,826.98
Peloton Team Buckeye-SUPER Friends $63,695.55
Peloton Team Buckeye-Sync Cancer $1,560.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team ASC $9,660.58
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Brutus $8,648.55
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team CARE $6,931.28
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team CTCL $106,188.24
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team DDI $5,902.66
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Engineering $4,575.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Head And Neck $82,705.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Lung $7,388.46
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Marion $3,702.70
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Sarcoma $4,261.76
Peloton Team Buckeye-Team Varsity O $1,150.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-The Buck-EYES $1,250.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-The El Dorado Peloton $2,245.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-The Influence Pedalers $6,865.00
Peloton Team Buckeye-Woody's Team $5,087.02