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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Kenyon College

Jim Dunham

Kenyon College is the ideal destination for Pelotonia riders: a gorgeous and historic campus with state-of-the-art athletics and recreation facilities. Kenyon is among the leading liberal arts institutions in the United States and the oldest private college in Ohio. Kenyon is the home of the international literary journal The Kenyon Review and the college is widely known for its prowess and influence in English and writing. But Kenyon is also distinguished by its elite programs in art, dance, drama and film as well as in the natural and social sciences. The faculty is among the country's finest, and faculty members develop close teaching and research relationships with high-achieving Kenyon students, who number about 1,600 and hail from around the country and the world. Pelotonia riders and their families may wish to visit the world-class Gund Gallery, the sprawling Brown Family Environmental Center with its hiking trails, and the charming village of Gambier. The Kenyon Peloton includes students, faculty, staff and alumni -- all dedicated to pursuing a cure for cancer.  

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