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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Super Peloton: Team Buckeye

BSR - Team Buckeye Student Riders

Cristin Sutliff
With another year under our belt as a Peloton of Team Buckeye, the student body of Ohio State is riding as the Team Buckeye Student Riders! BSR for short! We are a part of an enormous training program of Team Buckeye to get you ready for the ride, whatever distance you choose. as a part of Team Buckeye we have the availability of fund sharing with our most successful fund raisers. The advantages of bring a student rider are broad financially as well as with camaraderie. This isn't an experience you'll forget and the best part of all: 100%of the money we raise stays at ohio state and goes to research. We do not send any of the fundraising dollars to operational expenses or anything other than RESEARCH. That is unique here and across the country. For an event this large that almost never happens. We urge you to please be the next part of it. Be the next student to register as a part of the TBSR for Pelotonia! If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming fund raising events and rides, or if you would like help planning your own please visit our website at or contact the student team at Also on the website is registration guidelines for students. Our TBSR executive board has been hard at work all year and with students gone for the summer the fight does not and will not stop. The situation is simple: cancer is being beaten everyday because of improving treatment, but we need more dollars raised and more riders participating. As the largest resource in Columbus, the student body is taking to action and is registering for Team Buckeye Student Riders one person at a time and together we will cure cancer of all forms here at Ohio State. We need your help. We need you to ride, or virtually ride, or donate, or volunteer. Droves of tens of thousands of students pack The Shoe for football games with unparalleled enthusiasm, and those droves of students are catching onto Pelotonia and growing the TBSR... But we aren't done growing yet. Register to ride yourself and with 2 friends. This is a culture. It's fun, it's a physical challenge, an emotional high and without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have as a student at Ohio State. We ride as ONE team from ONE university with ONE goal: to end cancer.

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