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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Ann Louise Sumner

Columbus to New Albany
Team ColumbUS
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $1,500.00
   Congrats! Keep going!

There are too many people in my life who have bravely battled cancer - Donna, Rose, Craig, Crystal, Emma, Heather, Tom, Grandpa, Aunt Helen, Syd, Bill Eberts, Marsha Heidbrink, Fraser Gensler, Joseph Schlesinger. And now Charlie, Kathleen, Seeka, Tiffani, Lisa, little Nick Sawchuk, Anastasia, and Troy too. It's more of you than I can (or want to) name... I don't know if I'd have the strength they have shown to fight the way you have, but I can ride a bike. So I'll do my part to help find a cure and I hope you'll help me get there. It isn't every charity ride that is able to send every one of your donation dollars into research for a cure. I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Thank you for joining me in the fight!

Since I haven't had as much time to ride these days, I'm starting in Columbus this year for the 45-mile route. Not to worry - after last week's move, this will still be a challenge for me!

My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
09/13/2019 PULLL Donation $2.61
08/04/2019 Melissa and Cory Sickles $100.00
08/03/2019 Tammy Jones $50.00
08/03/2019 Anonymous $100.00
08/03/2019 Darrel Blanchard $75.00
08/02/2019 Blanchard Family $200.00
08/02/2019 The Newlin Family $200.00
08/02/2019 Brenda Crandall $50.00
08/02/2019 David Aggen and Meena Azeem $50.00
08/02/2019 Bob Coughlin $100.00
08/02/2019 Chet and Judy Spicer $100.00
08/02/2019 RUSSELL NEWLIN $50.00
08/02/2019 Airrosti $40.00
08/02/2019 Anonymous $40.00
07/30/2019 Linda Fritsch $50.00
07/30/2019 Ann Louise Sumner $200.00
07/16/2019 PULLL Donation $8.26
07/15/2019 Anonymous $25.00
07/04/2019 Chuck and Beth $500.00
05/30/2019 Ann Louise Sumner $100.00