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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Tina Peck

Columbus to New Albany
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Each day I hear stories of cancer.  1 in 3 Women, 1 in 4 Men will get cancer in their lifetime. 

In 2015, after a second battle with Lung Cancer, I lost my father.  That day, we all lost.  My step mother lost her husband of 33 years, my sisters and I lost our father, my son and nephews lost their grandfather, a piece of my life and history gone because of a disease.  That's my 1 in the one in 4.  (But what about my son, my husband, my nephews, my brother in law my friends?  How many "1's" am I going to see?)

At the same time, my sister was diagnosed with Cancer and started her battle and around that time, my mom got skin cancer.  But wait, that's my 2 out of the 1 and 3 (but what about all the other women I know, my sisters, my mother in law, my aunts, cousins and friends). 

Because of The James, my sister got to hear, you're cancer free.  But how many won't, how many will hear, "I'm sorry there's nothing more we can do.  Its time to end care"?

Maybe it won't be you, maybe it won't be your family.  At one time I thought it wouldn't be mine. 

But until the time comes that noone else looses another person to this horrible disease, I ride, for both hope and a cure. 

Please consider donating/volunteering and being part of this wonderful cause.



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