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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Jason Piechowiak

Columbus to Gambier to New Albany (extended)
Team ColumbUS
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Dear Friends,


It is the three year anniversary since I lost my dad and best friend to cancer.  As many of you know, I dedicated last year’s 2-day, 200 mile bike ride to him and to my close friend, Christine, who was battling cancer.  She has since kicked cancer’s butt, and is living life to the fullest. In addition to this fantastic news, last year you helped me raise $20,352 towards cancer research. This incredible event and fundraising effort is called Pelotonia. Pelotonia was founded in 2008 with one goal in mind: fund cancer research. Last year, the Pelotonia community raised over 27 million dollars for the The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute), also known as “The James”.


As most of you are aware, this event is very important to me because of what The James Cancer Hospital gave us when my dad didn’t have much time left. Since I have started riding and training for this event, I always have a feeling that my dad is close to me when I am on the bike. In every training ride, I warm up by telling him about what is happening in my life, the successes and failures of being a husband, father and educator.  I tell him about all the things he is missing. I tell him about his grandkids, and the stories that I know would have him roaring with laughter and beaming with pride. I tell him about mom’s trip to Florida, Rob’s new job, and how Jake and Steph are excited to tie the knot in 2020.


It is our special time and one of many reasons why I get excited to ride no matter the weather because it is in these moments where I feel I can keep my promise to Deacon Junga by speaking his name, telling stories about him, and never forgetting what type of person he was to me.  So, to fully follow through on this promise, I feel it would be best to honor my dad by riding again, not for just him, but for someone else who needs us now. My dad strongly believed in family, friendship, service and community. So, I see no better way than to honor these values instilled in me, and his memory than by riding for Johnny.  This year’s ride will be dedicated to my student, Johnny, who is an inspiration to me and continues to display incredible courage and perseverance as he battles to be cancer-free.


Johnny is someone who brightens my day each and every time he walks into 1st period. Johnny is a 6th grader, and we all know how hard middle school can be, but on top of the struggles of middle school, he is dealing with something far greater than most of us could ever imagine. Johnny was diagnosed with Leukemia back in 2016, and has been battling this disease ever since.  He has good days and bad as a result of his various treatments.  But, if you met Johnny, you would never know what he is dealing with.  He isn’t a kid who sulks; he smiles, and smiles often. He never uses this burden as an excuse, and he always does his best.  He is awesome at making stop motion animation videos, he loves Star Wars, and he is loved by so many. I am going to be 37 years old this year, and I can honestly say I admire and look up to a 12 year old boy.  The purpose of Pelotonia is to find a cure and end cancer once and for all, so that kids like Johnny never ever have to go through what he is going through.


Similar to last year, I’ll be riding along with my friend and brother, Jeff Polesovsky (a.k.a.- J Po).  Last year, I learned a lot about the 200 mile ride, and I am already looking forward to participating in the event again. In addition to meeting my goal of riding 200 miles, I have set my fundraising goal at $5,000 in hopes to eclipse it again. 100% of every rider raised dollar goes directly to funding cancer research. This summer I will once again be sporting my best spandex with one of my best buddies for an incredible cause. Please check out my rider profile by clicking this link . Your support is so appreciated!


My dad’s favorite Quarterback and Buffalo Bill, Jim Kelly, said it best after receiving the 2018 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. "Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow."  Let’s all do our part in making a difference for those that are fighting for their tomorrow.


Thank you,

Jason Piechowiak



#OneGoal #JohnnyStrong #MPStrong #ChristineStrong #EndCancer #StandUpToCancer #Pelotonia19

My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
08/12/2019 The Caris Family $25.00
08/07/2019 The Bentley’s $50.00
08/04/2019 The Parke Fam $100.00
08/03/2019 The Bittles $150.00
08/03/2019 Bob and Nancy Barrett $100.00
08/03/2019 Anonymous $100.00
08/02/2019 Anonymous $25.00
07/31/2019 Sheila & Bob $100.00
07/31/2019 Clancy family $50.00
07/31/2019 The Edwards Family $100.00
07/31/2019 M&M Erfort $50.00
07/31/2019 Amy byrd $50.00
07/31/2019 Anonymous $36.00
07/31/2019 Bialk Fam $75.00
07/31/2019 Mulkerrin Family $35.00
07/31/2019 Goodman Family $50.00
07/30/2019 Jake & Steph $50.00
07/30/2019 Costellos $150.00
07/29/2019 Nancy & Bob Barrett $100.00
07/28/2019 Anonymous $100.00
07/25/2019 Steph Piechowiak $100.00
07/24/2019 Evelyn Kaplan $50.00
07/23/2019 Scott Molineaux $50.00
07/21/2019 Shorty $100.00
07/17/2019 Anonymous $50.00
07/14/2019 Sara Kinney-Zech $20.00
07/13/2019 susan and Paul Paprocki $75.00
07/13/2019 The Schusters $100.00
07/12/2019 Anonymous $200.00
07/11/2019 Jonah Kohler $100.00
07/09/2019 The Gray Family $50.00
07/08/2019 The Reidy Family $50.00
07/08/2019 Terry Ryan $25.00
07/01/2019 The Kroger Co. Bonus Donation $50.00
06/30/2019 Jennifer Smith $25.00
06/30/2019 Anonymous $100.00
06/29/2019 Alex Duke $25.00
06/29/2019 Richards Family $50.00
06/28/2019 Tom and Tara Rogers $400.00
06/20/2019 Anonymous $50.00
06/08/2019 Deena Seifer $50.00
06/07/2019 Anonymous $100.00
06/07/2019 Rahul Kumar $50.00
06/07/2019 Bhim Yaladagi $100.00
06/07/2019 Anonymous $500.00
06/06/2019 Sorials $300.00
06/06/2019 Tricia Ebel & Family $50.00
06/05/2019 Likavec Family $250.00
05/30/2019 Annie Millman $25.00
05/22/2019 Amy Hebel $25.00
05/21/2019 Todd Schlesinger $100.00
05/20/2019 Anonymous $300.00
05/20/2019 Larry & Bo Swoboda $200.00
05/17/2019 Cassi Wojewnik $50.00
05/15/2019 Melissa Sen $25.00
05/10/2019 The McGoey Family $75.00
05/08/2019 Carmela Stout $20.00
05/08/2019 H $500.00
05/04/2019 Lara Mack $100.00
05/02/2019 Lauren McTague $10.00
05/02/2019 Heather Schultz $20.00
04/29/2019 Anonymous $100.00
04/29/2019 Lappin Family $50.00
04/27/2019 Adam & Aleks Butman $25.00
04/26/2019 Deb N $100.00
04/24/2019 From J-Train to J-Train $100.00
04/23/2019 Michae Hadgis $100.00
04/23/2019 Robert Rice $25.00
04/23/2019 Amber Paull $25.00
04/23/2019 Kramp Family $50.00
04/22/2019 Nicole and Chris Bogyo $15.00
04/22/2019 Vicky Mazur $25.00
04/21/2019 The Mitchells $100.00
04/21/2019 McTague Family $100.00
04/21/2019 Anonymous $50.00
04/20/2019 Briget and Chuck Chamness $300.00
04/20/2019 Jim and Michelle Haudan $350.00
04/20/2019 The Hanaks $150.00
04/20/2019 Anonymous $25.00
04/20/2019 Jenny McTague $10.00
04/20/2019 Malena Boyle $50.00
04/19/2019 Peg Swoboda $50.00
04/19/2019 Anonymous $75.00
04/19/2019 Ruth Stavsky $20.00
04/19/2019 Kristy Philbin $25.00
04/19/2019 The Reese Family $200.00
04/19/2019 Julie Buzza $200.00
04/19/2019 Anonymous $50.00
04/18/2019 High Cotton USA, Inc. $250.00
04/18/2019 The Oberholtzer Family $100.00
04/18/2019 Jennifer Deck $50.00
04/18/2019 The Nyhans $50.00
04/18/2019 Gaty Family $50.00
04/18/2019 Karee Schwartz $50.00
04/18/2019 McNally's $250.00
04/18/2019 Rey, G, and Arch $250.00
04/18/2019 Brian Cromly $50.00
04/18/2019 Bill Gilstead $100.00
04/18/2019 M&M Massery $200.00
04/18/2019 Debby Morris $20.00
04/18/2019 Jodi Lopata $50.00
04/18/2019 Georgia Gikunoo $25.00
04/18/2019 Chris and Andrea Noward $50.00
04/18/2019 Becky Puls $20.00
04/18/2019 Nick Pufpaf $40.00
04/18/2019 Jennifer Ross $20.00
04/18/2019 Dan Righi $25.00
04/18/2019 Mary Perkins $25.00
04/18/2019 Christine Lake $50.00
04/18/2019 Sue Niswonger $25.00
04/18/2019 Wendy Hicks $100.00
04/18/2019 Meghan Henry $25.00
04/18/2019 Pat Young $200.00
04/18/2019 Anonymous $225.00
04/18/2019 David Kostal $25.00
04/18/2019 Anonymous $50.00
04/18/2019 The Raju Family $25.00
04/18/2019 Laura Cohen $25.00
04/18/2019 Chris Beese $50.00
04/18/2019 Sydney Berg $25.00
04/18/2019 SJ & Nick $50.00