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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Rebecca Kardas

Pickerington to Gambier
Simply Community
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$0 My Goal: $1,200.00

Hi everyone; thanks for taking the time to read my LONG profile! I have to admit I have struggled to come up with what I believe is a worthy goal for this new 2020 concept of "My Pelotonia". I was hyped on day one to up my game and ride 75 miles this year. Reimagining this has not been easy. I have decided, after much thought to focus on exploring as many new Ohio bike trails in keeping with our stay at home, social distancing concept. Pelotonia for me is so much about the community aspect, riding and working together that is has been difficult to think of it in any other way. Through discovering as many local and statewide trails as possible until August 7th, I will focus on appreciation and gratitude for the beauty of what is right in front and around me in Ohio. My goal this year is $1200. I have chosen to lower my amount significantly because I know what a challenge this year has been for so many people. However, cancer is still taking lives unnecessarily, despite the pandemic, so we must still continue to work together to raise funds to find research to treat and cure this terrible disease!

This past October was my 5 year cancer-free anniversary so I continue to celebrate life and challenge myself! I continue to be a part of an amazingly inspiring team with many of our Olentangy colleagues, Simply Community. Last year, with your help, Pelotonia broke the 2018 record. In 10 years, we have raised more than 208 million for cancer research. It’s one thing to know so many people who have been affected by this awful disease but you look at it through a whole different lense to have survived it personally. I feel SO grateful to be here and have the chance to live but I want to help others struggling through this. Raising money for Pelotonia is a sure way to directly help find a cure and new treatments that are saving lives every day! 

If you would consider donating to my ride, 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research at OSU. What struck me most is that through this program money is going directly to innovative, creative ideas that are not typically funded through traditional cancer research funds. Please visit to learn more about the great things that are being discovered with Pelotonia funds and hear survivor stories thanks to this bicycle ride.

Thanks SO MUCH for helping me (no amount is too little) continue in this fight!

Much LOVE, Rebecca


Founded in 2008, Pelotonia is a grassroots movement with One Goal End Cancer. Focused on a community of passionate fundraisers and centered around a three-day experience of cycling, entertainment, and volunteerism,  Last year, a record-breaking 8,470 riders and 3,056 volunteers from more than 40 states and 13 countries participated in ten routes that ranged from 25 to 200 miles.

My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
02/20/2020 Kathleen Cochrain $100.00