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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Rebecca Kardas

New Albany to Gambier
Simply Community
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $1,750.00
   Congrats! Keep going!

Hi everyone; thanks for taking the time to read my profile! I made a big decision to stop playing small and up my game this year! This fall will be my 5 year cancer-free anniversary and to celebrate, I will be pushing myself and riding the 55 mile from New Albany to Gambier! I continue to ride with a local team with many of our Olentangy colleagues, Simply Community. Last year, with your help, Pelotonia broke the 2017 record and raised over $27 million! In 10 years, they raised more than 184 million for cancer research. It’s one thing to know so many people who have been affected by this awful disease but you look at it through a whole different lense to have survived it personally. I feel SO grateful to be here and have the chance to live but I want to help others struggling through this. Raising money for Pelotonia is a sure way to directly help find a cure and new treatments that are saving lives every day!

It's never too early to start fundraising. My goal this year is $1800!

If you would consider donating to my ride, 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research at OSU. What struck me most is that through this program money is going directly to innovative, creative ideas that are not typically funded through traditional cancer research funds. Please visit to learn more about the great things that are being discovered with Pelotonia funds and hear survivor stories thanks to this bicycle ride.


Thanks SO MUCH for helping me (no amount is too little) continue in this fight!

Much LOVE, Rebecca


Founded in 2008, Pelotonia is a grassroots movement with One Goal End Cancer. Focused on a community of passionate fundraisers and centered around a three-day experience of cycling, entertainment, and volunteerism,  Last year, a record-breaking 8,470 riders and 3,056 volunteers from more than 40 states and 13 countries participated in ten routes that ranged from 25 to 200 miles.

My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
09/22/2019 Jeanine Kaufman $10.00
09/22/2019 Card & Canvas $10.00
09/13/2019 PULLL Donation $37.76
08/12/2019 Anonymous $20.00
08/03/2019 Chris R. $25.00
08/02/2019 Tasha $40.00
08/02/2019 Anonymous $100.00
07/28/2019 Angie Zeis $25.00
07/25/2019 OLPTO $370.04
07/22/2019 Deb and Alec Jeffers $50.00
07/22/2019 Saladins $100.00
07/18/2019 Jackson Meyer (The Meyer Family) $25.00
07/17/2019 Anonymous $15.00
07/17/2019 Anonymous $50.00
07/16/2019 PULLL Donation $19.63
07/12/2019 Jeff and Jill Rice $25.00
07/09/2019 Anonymous $50.00
07/03/2019 Anonymous $290.00
07/03/2019 The Marsh Family $100.00
07/01/2019 The Kroger Co. Bonus Donation $50.00
06/29/2019 Janice, Billy, and Marin $25.00
06/24/2019 Riley Daniell $150.00
06/24/2019 Deb Fogle $20.00
06/22/2019 Corey and Mandy $50.00
06/21/2019 Kardas $50.00
06/21/2019 Patty Cochrain $50.00
06/19/2019 MacDowell Family $100.00
06/16/2019 Gary Hibinger $25.00
06/15/2019 Kay Biederman $50.00
06/15/2019 Polly Tipps-Kesig $50.00
06/15/2019 Mike and Pat Hartel $50.00
06/15/2019 Ryan Hartel $50.00
06/14/2019 Kathleen $100.00
06/09/2019 Lisa and Tony $50.00
06/07/2019 Jenna Houseworth $50.00
06/06/2019 Anonymous $110.00
06/06/2019 Anonymous $100.00
06/05/2019 Ann & Randy $50.00
06/04/2019 James Dickey $20.00
06/03/2019 Christa Hein $20.00
06/02/2019 Marianna and the Darlings $50.00
06/01/2019 Helen Hoffman $50.00
05/31/2019 Kim and Chad $50.00
05/31/2019 Carmen & Brian $40.00