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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Emma Woldum

Columbus to Gambier
Team Buckeye-Bikers for Brutus
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My motivation to join Pelotonia dates back to 2006 when my grandpa, better known as Papaw, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even through a single radical mastectomy, 9 years of oral chemotherapy, and other health problems, Papaw never missed a graduation, family road trip, or any opportunity to share his knowledge and stories with his grandkids. He would have been the first one at the Pelotonia finish line cheering my name, if he were still with us. Unfortunately, Papaw passed away in 2015 due to medical complications.

That same year (2015), my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since I was a little girl, my mom has been my role model and confidant. I have always looked to her for guidance and support. The woman jumped out of an airplane with me for my birthday, what's more supportive than that?? I never imagined that I would be faced with thought of losing my mom so early, but thanks to wonderful medical facilities, modern medicine, and cancer researchers, I didn't have to. In 2016, she received a double mastectomy and is now safe, healthy, and CANCER FREE! Here's to many more coffee dates, lake walks, and adventures.

I also ride for my great grandpa, Lester, and great uncle, Pat. I may have been too young to know either of them well, but I do know that they played a big role in shaping my family. Lester raised my kind and patient grandpa, and Pat influenced my generous and tenacious grandma--So I know that I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.

My mom, grandpa, great uncle, and great grandpa fought cancer and now it's time to do my part. This summer, I will be biking 100 miles to raise money for Pelotonia, and I would deeply appreciate your support! 100% of donations will go directly toward life-saving cancer research at OSUCCC-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

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