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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Denise Reed

Columbus to New Albany
Team Buckeye-Bikers for Brutus
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This year I ride for the 6th time in Pelotonia to help all kids beat "Michigan"! In 2012, my then 11-year old son Grant was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a frightening diagnosis for a kid, so being a huge Buckeye fan he decided to name his tumor "Michigan" because if Ohio State can beat Michigan so can he. Grant successfully beat "Michigan" by Fall 2013. Unfortunatley, "Michigan" was a daunting opponent and in 2015 Grant fought it again. In summer of 2015 I missed riding in my 3rd Pelotonia because we had to move to Houston, Texas for a treatment not available in Ohio. But I watched with pride from afar while by sister and brother-in-law completed a ride in Pelotonia for Grant! Know that Grant would not be defeated and he beat "Michigan" a second time. 



Fast forward to August 2018 - "Michigan" returned. This time was different, though. Grant fought the hard fight for 5 months but earned his Angel wings in February of this year. But "Michigan" never beat him because the experimental treatment they tried on Grant actually seemed to work- Grant's body just couldn't handle the treatment any longer. Hopefully other kids will survive or be cured because of what the doctors learned from Grant. 



 Please consider donating any amount great or small because 100% of the money raised goes to cancer research! Research is the key to finding a cure and I pray that someday there will be a cure to cancer!

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