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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Timothy Kurtz

Columbus to Gambier
Team Huntington - Tech, MA, and CSC
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$0 My Goal: $5,000.00

As you know, cancer touches everybody in our lives in one way or another.

At the close of 2019, things were more positive regarding cancer treatments and survivors. The year 2019 recorded the most people being cured from cancer than any previous year. Are we as a community making a difference? I would certainly say so.

One of the greatest achievements in the terms of research was the announcement of a $102 million pledge from Pelotonia to assist in building the Pelotonia Institute of Immuno-Oncology. That’s where the money raised is going.  Finding new ways to detect cancer and use our own bodies to fight the cancer within us.

Even though the support from the US government to fund cancer research remains stagnant, there are many willing to step up and help pursue this movement to end cancer. The reality of this disease is still felt among many people and not all stories have a happy conclusion, However, we can’t just give up. NEVER GIVE UP! People are more hopeful, and that attitude goes a long way during the treatments and recovery.

Last year I got in some additional training, so the 100-mile ride went a bit easier. Still very challenging but memorable and heartwarming and I thank all of you for taking the time to support this important event. Some people have asked me why I ride 100 miles when I could just ride 25. My response was that riding 25 miles was great as well but to ride 100 miles required a more significant commitment. That’s the commitment that so many people make from volunteers, staff, riders, etc. that make this effort so emotional at times.

 If you haven’t before, take some time and look up the stories on the internet, posts to social media and the pictures of the event. It will give you a deeper perspective of what this movement is about and why it continues to grow.

In early May, Judy and I, will once again do the Susan Komen 'Walk for the Cure'. Judy will celebrate twelve years as a cancer survivor and her strength and attitude continues to remind me of what it takes to move forward. She is still my champion and the love of my life.

Cancer holds no barriers when it comes to who's affected. Money, race, culture or age, there is no difference. People suffer no matter what they have or don't have. 

Please help in any way you can and let's continue to find a cure for this disease. Any donation, no matter the amount, will help in this fight. I thank you for your friendship and support as we all can benefit from a cure for the ages. 

To make a donation, please use the following URL

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 I look forward to hearing from you!

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My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
07/10/2020 tony korbar $100.00
07/07/2020 Ric n Robinne Caner $100.00
06/25/2020 Jeff Wyler and T. Marzetti Bonus Day Winner! $50.00
06/24/2020 Anonymous $100.00
06/22/2020 Tom Denison $100.00
06/22/2020 Fred Barnhill $50.00
06/22/2020 Mark and Melanie $100.00
06/22/2020 Gary Price $25.00
06/20/2020 Gary Baptiste $75.00
06/19/2020 Anonymous $100.00
06/19/2020 Glenn Corlett $100.00
06/19/2020 Steve Scott $25.00
06/19/2020 Dale $50.00
06/19/2020 David T "Culby" Culbertson $100.00
06/18/2020 Don Czech $100.00
06/18/2020 Cowboy $100.00
06/18/2020 Marshall Zimmerman $100.00
06/17/2020 Gary Kitsmiller $100.00
11/09/2019 Johnson & Johnson on behalf of Misty Vawter $800.00