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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Lance MacKeown

TS Tech Americas
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$0 My Goal: $500.00

Hi, I’m Lance I retired and living here in Columbus. I have been riding for a relatively long time and try to ride 1000 to 1500 miles each riding season. I am riding the Pelotonia this year for the fifth time because I believe we can end cancer forever with the hard work and dedication of the research group at the OSU James Center. I pray that God will lead the research and provide the solution. This year I have set my goal to ride 1500 miles by the end of September and raise $500 for cancer research.

Like most riders my life has been touched by cancer. My wife was a cancer survivor for seven years; she passed away cancer free in 2010. I give all thanks and praise to God for curing my wife. I believe God worked through the doctors and nurses who diagnosed, prescribed, and administered the treatment. I thank God He lead us to the perfect clinic at the right time. It was very difficult but as I look back it was the most intimate time in our marriage. God taught me more about loving my wife than I ever believed possible. I got to share that love with my wife for seven years.


One of my life goals is to ride from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, not all in one ride but over the summer. Along with riding I am starting to enjoy hiking. One of my other goals is to hike Pikes Peak in Colorado. In general I live a healthy lifestyle by my own definition of healthy, and yes chocolate ice cream is healthy in moderation.

I thank everyone who donates to this worthy goal. 100% of all donations are for cancer research here in Ohio. But the goal is to end cancer for the world. I pray the cure starts here but spreads to the entire world.   

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