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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Julie Ohlemacher

Columbus to New Albany
Simply Community
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I started teaching indoor cycling in 2012, and I've always believed in riding with a purpose. At the beginning of every ride, I ask my riders to set an intention, and to think about why they're riding, or even who they are riding for.


This year I'm so excited to take my indoor ride outside for the fourth year in a row and to ride with the most powerful purpose of them all: to end cancer.


This August I dedicate my ride to all those who are currently fighting. I dedicate my ride to those who have survived. I ride for those cancer took away from us too soon; and, I ride for all of those who have held a hand, said a prayer, and supported a loved one. I ride for the doctors, the nurses, the researchers who give their lives to fighting cancer and finding a cure.


I'm specifically dedicating my ride to a great man who lost a battle to a brain tumor in March 2014. He's the father of one of the best people I know, of whom I am so fortunate and proud to call my best friend. 


To the man who made us all cry with laughter, this is for you.


Let's find a cure.



My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
09/08/2019 Candle Lab September Event $270.00
08/20/2019 Diamond Hill Investments gift match on behalf of Alex Ohlemacher $250.00
08/11/2019 Stephen Wojno $100.00
08/07/2019 Alessandra Rogers Beautycounter $79.00
08/03/2019 Emily Burt $5.00
08/02/2019 We are Proud of YOU! Debbie +Chuck Penzone $100.00
08/01/2019 Brandi Hann $15.00
07/31/2019 The Ohlemacher's $250.00
07/24/2019 Bonnie and Bill Wojno $100.00
07/24/2019 Olivia Bullock $25.00
07/18/2019 Mary Belovich $50.00
07/02/2019 Frank A Ohlemacher $100.00
06/21/2019 Mark Placenti $50.00
04/10/2019 Bradley Lisko $100.00
04/07/2019 Candle Lab Yoga Event $525.00
03/02/2019 Cycle614 $595.00
02/21/2019 Julie Ohlemacher $50.00