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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Patrick Masciangelo

Columbus to Gambier
Simply Community

Friends and Family: 


Pelotonia 2019, my fourth year participating, will hold a different meaning than the previous three events. While each 100 mile ride brings emotions and memories of all the friends and family that have been impacted by cancer, this year hits close to home. I will be riding in honor of Oma, Katie’s grandmother who lost her battle to Multiple Myeloma earlier this month. Oma was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend to so many and while countless others knew her from her famous English Toffee. 


Katie and I are thankful for the incredible treatment advances and care Oma received while courageously fighting this disease for 12 years. I cannot think of a better way to honor her this year and pay it forward so that someone’s grandparent in the future will benefit from the same breakthroughs that gave Oma invaluable time to watch her family grow. 


I ask this year that you consider making a donation towards my ride to honor Oma and as always, thank you for your incredible continued support. 



Patrick Masciangelo

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