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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Lei Cao

Stefanie's Team of Hope
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I am a principle investigator at James Comprehensive Cancer Center of The Ohio State University. My lab has made groundbreaking discoveries on how one’s living condition, social contact, life style can efficiently influence brain activity (cognition, stress, mood) and how these changes in brain interact with other systems (fat, endocrine, immune systems) both at the molecular level and at the systemic level to influence the metabolism and various diseases including cancer. We are passionate to answer this important question “what is the brain-cancer connection?” Our recent research has identified a gene in the brain linking an individual’s living condition to the risk and progression of multiple cancers including melanoma, colon cancer, and breast cancer. We are working hard to translate these laboratory discoveries to cancer prevention, treatment, and improvement of quality of life of cancer survivors.

Logan Chrisp, an undergraduate student of my lab, has recently been selected to receive the Pelotonia Undergraduate Fellowship. His project investigating the social environment impacts on immunity and cancer has made promising progress. This is just one example how Pelotonia accelerates cancer research at The Ohio State University. 

Your donation is an inspiration to us and will be greatly appreciated.

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