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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Phil MacLean

Columbus to Gambier
Team Buckeye-Sameek's Geeks
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So, 2020 huh?  What a year.  It seems like every aspect of our lives is not what we expected it to be this year. I hope you are safe and well in the midst of our ever-changing world.

Last August, following a tremendous Pelotonia ’19 weekend, I immediately got pumped for Pelotonia 2020.  My offseason training was sharp. I joined a new peloton, captained by Dr. Sameek Roychowdhury of the James, and met some new cycling friends.  I signed up for a series of group training rides.  I was ready to make this my best Pelotonia ever. 

Part of what fueled my motivation for Pelotonia 2020 was witnessing a cancer success story in the life of a friend. Late last year, my friend Chris was diagnosed with a form of leukemia.  Chris had just turned 50 and this was his third cancer diagnosis.  Not a recurrence of cancer three times, but three different types of cancer he’s experienced by age 50.  In January, he received a bone marrow transplant at the James.  Today, after months of battling, Chris has a clean bill of health.  Thanks in large part to The James, Chris is an amazing 3-0 against cancer. What amazing proof that Pelotonia is saving lives!

Then, due to COVID-19, the world changed.  No group training rides.  No Pelotonia weekend.  All shut down by the pandemic that has enveloped our world.

In 2020 there will be no 100-mile ride or any “event” associated with Pelotonia.  Rather, Pelotonia has shifted to a virtual “My Pelotonia” format.  Riders are encouraged to set their own activity goals and to train as if they were training for the usual ride.  Most importantly, Pelotonia continues to raise funds for life saving cancer research at The James.

Now more than ever, with sources of funding being diverted to COVID research, the funds raised by Pelotonia are in great need.  While much of the world has been shut down or furloughed, cancer has not.  It is still afflicting people, and the need to find a cure hasn’t lessened one bit.  There are new areas of research involving the effect of COVID-19 on cancer patients that must be funded.  There has perhaps never been a more urgent time to support the research being done at The James.

I hope that, in the midst of COVID-19, you are able to support Pelotonia.  As ever, the need is great and 100% of your donated money will be invested in innovative research at The James.  With your support; many others, like Chris, can win their battles against cancer.

Thanks for your help with this great cause.  I wish you good health and peace during this strange year in which we are living.  Hang in there.  We’ll get through this.  Together.

One Goal,


My Pelotonia 2021 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
12/24/2020 Tom and Connie Roberts $25.00