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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Bud Abraham

My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $2,000.00
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Never did we consider our lives be re-set by an invisible element.  That invisible element, Corona virus-19, has forced Pelotonia to re-imagine its fundraising bike ride weekend the first weekend in August for cancer research at The James Cancer Center at The Ohio State University.  This year there will not be a big bike ride with 8000 cyclists and 2500 volunteers.  I will have to take my 100 mile bike ride and transform it. 

Pelotonia is more than a weekend.  Pelotonia represents something deep in my lifestyle and core values that is celebrated with other Pelotonia cyclists and volunteers from 46 states and 12 countries.  This year I will have to express my commitment to fighting cancer in another way, showing that I am committed and the mission of finding a cure for cancer comes first. 

Cancer patients, families, doctors, nurses, and researchers climb Mt. Everest every day when dealing with cancer and working to find a cure for cancer.  To show solidarity and compassion, between June 1 and August 7 I will ride a local hill the same amount of elevation as Mt. Everest is tall (29,029 feet).  I calculate that I will have to go up and down this hill 383 times in order to scale Mt. Everest.

This summer let’s show what good people can do when asked to step up to a daunting challenge.  Cancer didn’t take a vacation when the CV-19 pandemic took over.  I will fundraise so that The James Cancer Center at The Ohio State University will continue to be a leader in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure of cancer related diseases.  I will fundraise so that researchers, doctors, and nurses can provide compassionate care for all patients with cancer.  I will fundraise as if lives depend on it – because they do.  I’ve set a personal goal of raising $2000 this year.  Help me reach that goal. 

Together we will bring the cures for cancer closer in many ways this year, not just on a bike.  Please consider a donation to my rider page at

Together, we can be legendary.

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