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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Jason Fout

Columbus to Gambier
Team Bexley

When I started riding for Pelotonia seven years ago, I did it because a bunch of people I respected were doing it and I was just getting back into cycling after a long hiatus. I knew it was a good cause and was glad to be associated with their work.

Then, a few years ago, a number of friends and acquaintances, mostly people my age, had been diagnosed with cancer. It put this work by Pelotonia – and my support of it – in a new light.

Three and a half years ago, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was mesothelioma, lung cancer, from exposure to asbestos. He began treatment that year at the James Cancer Care Canter, where he received unparalleled support and care, including some innovative medicine made possible by Pelotonia funding. That year, he and I rode a hundred miles in the Pelotonia ride. His cancer and the care he received had brought the work of Pelotonia home to me in a huge way.

Two years ago, my dad, my brother Matt, and I rode in Pelotonia together. This had been a dream for my dad, for the three of us to ride together. The ride was long, hot, and hard, but we did it. We’re glad we got the chance: in November of that year, after twenty seven months, my dad ended his fight with cancer.

My brother and I are determined to ride again this year, in his memory and for everyone else who is facing cancer - made all the more difficult when we are fighting covid-19 and coronavirus, too.

Of course, it’s not just about my dad: it’s about the millions across the world who die of cancer each year. And it’s about the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons who are left behind. It’s about working towards Pelotonia’s ONE GOAL -> END CANCER.

In twelve years, we’ve raised over $205 million. Every penny of that money – all of it – has been used to fund innovative life-saving cancer research.

Even in the difficulties we're facing this year around social distancing and treating covid-19, we're committed to adding to that total and keeping our work going. 

Will you help me in that? Would you support my ride so that together we can work towards that ONE GOAL, a world without cancer?

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