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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Ryan Tuma

Columbus to Gambier
Team Huntington - Tech, MA, and CSC


This month, I registered for my 8th Pelotonia ride with #OneGoal to #EndCancer.  The Pelotonia organization has been blessed over these years to have amazing support from great friends, family, colleagues and partners that contributed to my rides.  Thank you all for your continued support!  As you know operational expenses are covered by Pelotonia funding partners, 100% of every dollar raised is donated directly to life-saving cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.


This year is much different from most years.  Getting thousands of riders together including cancer survivors with compromised immune systems just isn’t a good idea in the age of Covid.  So this year each rider will identify their own personal goal as the Pelotonia main event is cancelled.  Keep in mind, while the event is cancelled, cancer has not cancelled its spread which is why it is extremely important for money to continue to be raised for this important cause. 


My Pelotonia commitment this year will be riding 50 miles starting from my home in Delaware and riding thru downtown Delaware, over to Glacier Ridge park in Dublin and then back home again .  I will be making this ride on August 15th and will be dedicating the ride to my sister in law's amazing step-mother Eva Sieber who is battling Lung Cancer.   Every mile I ride will be focused on praying and sending positive vibes over to Eva!


I know this year is different.  I want to just say up front that I am very committed to raising money for Pelotonia but I understand many people are  impacted by covid so there is no pressure and if you are able to give that is great.  If you are not that is ok too, you can support me by sharing my donation page with others as a great non-monetary way to help the cause.


Think of this as a donation not to me, or Pelotonia, but directly to cancer research.  When you follow this link, you will find my personal Rider profile and a simple and secure way to make any size donation you wish:




Below are some of the ways that Pelotonia is helping to drive cancer research so you know where the money goes.


Thank you for your continued support of my ride but more importantly the Pelotonia movement and cancer research!  I hope you, your family and coworkers are all staying healthy in this time of Covid!




Where the Money Goes


  • Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology (PIIO) – In July 2019, Pelotonia announced the creation of the PIIO at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. The institute launched with an initial $102,265,000 pledge from the Pelotonia community and will focus exclusively on harnessing the body’s immune system to fight cancer, which is widely considered to be the next frontier in cancer treatment. There have already been 6 senior faculty and 4 junior faculty members recruited. And, a recent study led by PIIO researchers has been published in a high impact publication.
    • “Immunotherapy provides exciting and expanding arsenals for fighting cancer. It refuels the immune system so that it actually can find and destroy the sneaky cancer cells wherever they hide.” – Dr. Zihai Li, Director of the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology 
  • COVID-19 Research Fund – In collaboration with OSUCCC-James & the broader Ohio State University research enterprise, Pelotonia is creating a research fund, with an initial pledge of $1 million, to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on the cancer community.
  • Pelotonia Fellows – The Pelotonia Fellowship Program encourages promising students to pursue research with faculty mentors. Meet some of the Pelotonia undergraduate Fellows here. Here is a breakdown of the size of each Pelotonia award and what you can help fund: 
    • Undergraduate: $12,000 annual stipend / one year 
    • Graduate: $30,000 annual stipend / two years. Award also cover benefits and tuition/fees are waived, so value of award is approximately $50,000 annually
    • Post-Doctoral: $48,000 annually / two years. Including benefits, value of award is minimum of $64,000 annually
  • Idea Grants – Idea Grants provide seed money to teams of faculty researchers who are collecting data in order to apply for larger external grants. Learn about some of the Pelotonia-funded Idea Grants and their impact in the series of videos here.
  • Junior and Senior Scientists – Pelotonia funds help to attract and retain the best talent in cancer research. 

Statewide Initiatives – Pelotonia funds help to support crucial studies and trials among a network of more than 50 hospitals across the state of Ohio.

  • Ohio Colorectal Cancer Prevention Initiative (OCCPI)
    • This is a statewide initiative to screen newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients and their biological relatives for Lynch syndrome, a cancer-causing condition that occurs when a person inherits a mutation in one of four genes.
    • Read about Jay McDaniel and how this impacted his family. 
  • Ohio Prevention & Treatment of Endometrial Cancer (OPTEC)
    • This is a statewide initiative to help identify women with endometrial cancer who may be at risk for other types of cancers due to their genetic makeup, and to help match women with endometrial cancer to the best treatment options for their particular cancer.
  • Beating Lung Cancer – in Ohio (BLC-IO)
    • This statewide initiative has two aims: to evaluate the impact of advanced gene testing and expert advice on lung cancer treatment and subsequent patient survival; and to improve smoking cessation rates among smokers with lung cancer and their family members.


My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
08/10/2020 Paul & Jen Wiest $25.00
08/06/2020 Chris $100.00
08/06/2020 The Wilbanks Family $50.00
08/06/2020 Jack Diller $50.00
08/06/2020 Pat and Jake Mandator $250.00
08/06/2020 GJ $50.00
07/06/2020 Charles Taylor $60.00
03/30/2020 VMware Foundation on behalf of Darrell Arbaugh $102.95