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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Matthew Roberts

Columbus to Gambier
Stefanie's Team of Hope
Like most of you reading this, I am not a cancer survivor. At least not yet. That uncertainty is part of what makes this so personal. Every person we know may have to fight this fight some day. I'm joining this fight for those I know who are survivors and for those I knew who didn't survive. My mom is a cancer survivor. My mother-in-law is a survivor. My uncle is too. My sister's mom and close friend's dad didn't. Pelotonia is about doing everything we can to end cancer. This is about helping more people experience the joy of beating cancer and having a second chance at life. My mom is the the beneficiary of early detection and treatment. My uncle missed his chance for early detection but he didn't miss his chance to be a survivor. He's here because of some great treatment at the James Cancer Center and lots of prayer. This ride and fundraising effort to me is about giving the scientists and the doctors the resources they need to give more people like my uncle, mother-in-law, and my mom a second chance at life. Let's end cancer. Let's ride.

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