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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Chris Kaiser

Columbus to Gambier to New Albany
Team Buckeye-Bikers for Brutus
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $2,500.00
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Pelotonia's 2nd Decade!

Pelotonia began in 2009 with 2,000 riders.   The ridership is now exceeds 8,000.

I am fortunate that my legs enabled me to be one of 50 riders that have completed the 180 mile 2-day ride during the 10 year history.  

Pelotonia has offered to allow all 10 year riders to start (lead off) the ride this year.  That will be good for me since I need as much head start as I can! 

This year I am dedicating my ride to:

  • Linda, sister in law
  • Doug, brother in law
  • Kevin, son

All three of these individuals were diagnosed with cancer during the past year.  

Every Year Every Mile !

Welcome to my Pelotonia page. I am excited to participate in my 11th round trip (1,980 total miles) for such a worthwhile cause where 100% of all contributions will be used for cancer research.  This year I expect to surpass $30,000 in total contibutions for these 11 adventures.    

While finding a cure for cancer is the Goal for Pelotonia, we can all do our part by staying active and eating healthy. A recent study indicates that 90% of cancers are caused by environmental factors and 10% are genetic.  Here is a breakdown of the major environmental causes:

  • Tobacco Use  30%
  • Diet              30%
  • Obesity         15%
  • Alcohol           5%

Cycling has afforded me an opportunity to stay active physically and socially. And also to eat more of those healthy foods! Experts tell us to incorporate 1 hour of exercise (aerobic or resistance) into our daily routine. Wow - that's a lot! I believe the benefit of Pelotonia is not only seeking a cure for cancer, but also to encourage a more active lifestyle for participants, volunteers and donors. What's your workout? 

My Pelotonia 20 Donors

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