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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Karl Koon

New Albany to Gambier
Team Buckeye
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I vividly recall hearing about Pelotonia for the first time, early in the spring of 2009. Two things stuck in my mind as I pondered my involvement. First, the startling statistics that one-in-two men and one-in-three women are diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, like many others, I have a long list of family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer, many of them gone way too soon.


Second, as I learned about the various ride distances to consider, I realized I had never intentionally ridden further than 10 miles in my life – and riding 100 miles or more seemed completely unrealistic. And yet, I decided to challenge myself to train, and fundraise, for my first century ride in August 2009. Who knew that my first Pelotonia ride would change my life personally and professionally?


Twelve years later, I’ve ridden in every Pelotonia, one of approximately 245 individuals who can claim that accomplishment. With the support of many generous donors, like you, we have raised nearly $85K – enough to fund seven undergraduate Pelotonia fellowships.


Better still, our collective efforts, me as a rider and you as a donor, are part of a community that literally spans the world. Together, we have raised more than $208M in 11 years and 100% of those funds are directed to cancer research at Ohio State. Together, we are making a difference for anyone who hears the words “you have cancer”.


Riding in Pelotonia is my way of honoring loved ones who are with me in spirit, every pedal stroke of my ride, and in my heart every single day. It is also a way to raise money for much needed cancer research - work that will lead to higher cure rates, earlier detection and much needed hope for those diagnosed with cancer. Please help me fight cancer -- for my family and friends and your family and friends.


With gratitude.




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