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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Greg Kruse

Columbus to Pickerington
Team Huntington - Tech, MA, and CSC

Click or paste the link below to view my family speaking at the 2015 Huntington Rally, and learn more about our experience with cancer and the James.


Pelotonia has always been a cause that I found very worthy, but in recent years, it has a special significance. In December of 2014, my wife, Adrianna, was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Thanks to the brilliant and dedicated doctors at The James, she received prompt surgery and the tumor was successfully removed before it had a chance to spread. The care and attention that she was given at The James during such a trying time for our family was invaluable to us. We knew that we were in the hands of true experts, and could rest assured because of it. Post-surgery, she continues to receive outstanding monitoring and care. We can't thank them enough. They truly stand by the goal of ending cancer. Let's join them in their fight. Donate now! Thank you for supporting our family and The James.

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