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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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  • 2019

Melonia Bennett

Columbus to Pickerington
Simply Community
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $1,250.00
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Hi!  I am riding to raise funds for The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.  In just ten years the Pelotonia community raised over $184 million for cancer research. But we aren’t stopping there.


I am riding in honor of my parents.  Last fall, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  We are lucky that as a retired employee of The Ohio State University, she was able to immediately seek treatment at The James.  Thanks to the millions of dollars in research funds raised in part by Pelotonia, the doctors and staff at The James put her on a care plan that manages her cancer like a chronic disease.  She has refused to let cancer slow her down.  She is able to pursue her passions and retirement dreams, taking cooking classes, volunteering weekly with the Worthington United Methodist Church, and traveling the world!    


In 2017, my dad was also diagnosed with cancer and treated successfully at The James.  The team was able to recommend different treatments choices to him that would not only treat his cancer but allowed him to weigh his options. He is in complete remission, thanks to the excellent care he received. 


The James supports research and care that looks at the many ways of treating cancer, considers lifestyle and other health impacts, and empowers patients to be a part of their plan.  This is unique to the James and requires considerable funding.  Please help me help them and support Pelotonia! Every single dollar we raise is invested in innovative cancer research, the brightest minds and ideas, and the tools and technology needed to reach our one goal. 

My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
08/04/2019 Spears family $50.00
08/02/2019 Peter Parker Dawson-Hoelzel $25.00
07/28/2019 Mike & Jody Jones $100.00
07/24/2019 Anonymous $25.00
07/23/2019 Jim & Amelia All $50.00
07/22/2019 Betsy Pandora $50.00
07/13/2019 Sisto Fam $50.00
07/10/2019 Megan & Ed $100.00
07/10/2019 Emily $100.00
07/10/2019 Erika Prouty $50.00
07/10/2019 Lisa $50.00
07/10/2019 Boulton-Nigros $50.00
07/10/2019 Catherine Woltering $100.00
07/10/2019 Josh & Melissa Ebel $100.00
07/10/2019 Suzi $100.00
07/09/2019 Tara Turner $100.00
07/09/2019 Jeff Patrasso and Laura Hughes $100.00
05/22/2019 Pursuit $100.00