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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Sarah Schilling

L Brands - MAST Global
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $2,000.00

On August 8th I will ride in Pelotonia, a bike tour that raises millions of dollars each year for cancer research, with ONE GOAL: TO END CANCER. My personal fundraising target is $2,500. This will be my 7th year as a rider and although this year looks a little different the end goal is still the same: END CANCER!  I ride for several reasons but here are my top 2.  First, it's not only my 7th year riding but 7 years since my dad got diagnosed with colon cancer. Because of this I'm very passionate about early detection & cancer research. I'm also riding in memory of a close family friend (Bob) who passed away battling this disease 2 years ago and was taken too soon. Bob & his family have supported my ride every year so it's an honor to ride in his memory.  If riding, running, jumping in a freezing pool & whatever other challenges I get myself into this summer,  get us one step closer to finding a cure then sign me up to ride not only for me, but for all of you and your loved ones as well!

My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
05/07/2020 Giving Tuesday Now Bonus Donation! $25.00
05/05/2020 Chuck Wright $100.00
05/05/2020 Cards by Jessica Fundraisers $16.50
05/05/2020 Dave Schilking $25.00
05/05/2020 John and Cindy Kelly $100.00
05/05/2020 The Knights $25.00
05/05/2020 Tom Zerkle $60.00
05/05/2020 Allison Bremner $25.00
05/05/2020 Bestie $40.00
05/05/2020 Brett Bogan $25.00
05/05/2020 Lolita Righi $50.00
05/05/2020 Matt Robinson $25.00
05/05/2020 Tasha $25.00
12/20/2019 Cards by Jessica Fundraisers $19.50
12/11/2019 Kroger Community Rewards $4.79