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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Alexander Hornacek

Team Huntington - Chicago

I know that inevitably that cancer will impact my family again and more than likely, it is a reality that one day it may be a challenge that I myself will have to face.


I, as many others, have witnessed and felt the impact that cancer can have. Whether it be close loved ones, extended family and friends, it is a difficult battle for all of those involved. My hope is that by participating in this event, every day we can hope to make this battle more and more manageable and ultimately, find the right solutions for each person's personal battle.


Cancer impacts us all differently, in my case, it did not allow me to have the relationships with grandparents and those considered close family members as they sadly lost their battle. So for them I will ride. I want to help create the opportunity for those not to lose that chance. For those that will or would be profoundly impacted by the presence of a hero type figure in their life like I envisioned I would have had with those close to me.


I will be forever impacted by a close family friend whose biggest challenge in life should have been leaving a restricted country that never will have allowed the freedoms that America offered. The challenge of having to walk miles upon miles, through mountains, through countries, just to find an opportunity to work a trade to earn enough money to come to America with nothing but work ethic and a dream. The challenge of just loving the opportunity to be free, to be able to work hard, to earn a living and make a positive impact on everybody close to him. To the challenge of seeing that dream become a battle due to a disease called cancer. To be impacted by seeing that person's dream ended far too soon than anybody could have expected.

I also ride for my grandfather and many others in my family that were faced with the challenge of cancer. The list is long and the hope is that the list for others will continue to be less and less with every dollar that goes to research.