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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Lawrence Kirschner

Columbus to Gambier
Team Buckeye-CAMELOT
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $1,250.00
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I'm an avid adventurer - hiking, biking, backpacking, and canoeing.  When my kids were younger, I put part of this effort to Boy Scouting and helping to make a difference in the lives our youth. Now is a chance to put these efforts to another great cause. Why Pelotonia? I have been a cancer researcher for over 20 years (yikes, I'm getting old!), and there is still plenty of work to do. Pelotonia is unique in that EVERY dollar donated to the program will go directly to research aimed at better understanding this disease. As a clinician who sees patients with cancer, I can only await the day when this knowledge is translated into treatments that will make a difference in the lives of these people.

I rode in the inaugural Pelotonia in 2009--what a fantastic experience! It inspired me to keep riding, and I've ridden 100 miles every year so far, except for year 10--when I rode the full 180 mile trip! My wonderful wife rode with me for many years, and we ride together again as legends! I intend to keep going strong until this dreaded disease is wiped out...

My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
10/05/2020 Nanci Edgington $50.00
08/17/2020 Anonymous $25.00
08/17/2020 The Kirschners $800.00
07/17/2020 PULLL Donation $73.01
06/25/2020 Lawrence Kirschner $100.00
04/15/2020 Larry Kirschner $230.00
03/27/2020 Team Buckeye Celebrates Pelotonia 2020! $50.00
02/21/2020 Padmini Ekbote $50.00