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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Debbie Matesich

Columbus to Gambier
Girls with Gears

Dear Family and Friends,


 Pelotonia is a grass roots bike tour with one goal: to END CANCER. It is a cycling experience that will take place August 7-9. The ride will span two days and will cover as many as 180 miles. Large or small , every donation makes a difference. 100% of every donation will fund research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center- James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. 

 Being an Imaging Specialist, registered in Radiography, CT, MRI and Mammography, I have spent the better part of my professional life teaching Imaging Specialist how to best image every part of the human body. Cancer researchers have made great advances the past 25 years but we still have a long way to go. Cancer has no boundaries. One in three people will get cancer in their lifetime 

I will be riding to End Cancer with thoughts of all of the patients I have imaged. I will be riding for those individuals you have loved and lost, for those currently fighting the battle and for those who have won the battle.  

 I will be riding inn honor of: Ann Queen, Jeri Helfer, Pam Frye, Maryjane Bednarczuk, Ed Rouan, Joanne Rouan, Sadie Corry, Kathern Queen, Patty Burgess, Linda Wagonseller, Fred Schwab, Bill Stock, Sister Mary Andrew Matesich, Father Bill Johnson, Kathleen Reed, Michael Kappas, John Melvin, Bill Schneider, Linda Shaeffer, Devin Reid, Jim Miceli, Daryl Berry, Nancy Maxwell, Doreen McCartan, Vic Tantarelli, Lynn Green donation in honor of her sister Patti, Becky Zimmer donation in honor of her father, Helen Warner, Betty I Warner, Richard Warner, Ann Warner, Vonne Kathary,Celeste Lewis, David Blake, Roy Blake, Marilyn Cisar,Nancy Evans, Melody Sexton,Angie Weber,Kevin Murphy, Grace Marcum, Versie Barker, Robin Miller, Pam Briggs, John Kozak, Joan Gerlacher, Beth Sweeney honoring her father, Phil Muckensturm, Joe McAndrews, George Hallarn,Tim McCaulay,John McCaulay,Dan Bartlett, Linda Bartlett and many many more.......






 Think of this as a donation not to me, or Pelotonia, but directly to The James. Please consider supporting my effort and this great cause. Here is the link to my rider profile: If you choose to make a donation click the Donate to My Ride link at the top of my profile page.