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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Kathleen Roberts

Columbus to New Albany
Simply Community
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $2,500.00

Pelotonia 2020 -- Yes, this will be my 10th Pelotonia and, at 75, my personal goal is to get this ride "in the books!" 

But my Pelotonia Goal is to END CANCER!  Over the years, you have helped me raise over $22,000 --  and every dollar counts!  I am honored to ride on your behalf to fund cancer research to END CANCER!  And we all know someone (more than often many someone's) whose lives have been changed because of a cancer diagnosis.  

Pelotonia last year raised $23.2M, bringing the total after 10 years to over $207M!  And EVERY penny, nickel and dollar given is included in that humongous total!  Expenses are underwritten by our very generous corporate and foundation donors!!

Also last year Pelotonia established the Pelotonia Institute of Immuno-Oncology with a 5-year pledge of $102,265,000...the numbers 2,265 representing the number of riders in that first ride in 2009!  Immuno-oncology is the next frontier in cancer research and treatment. 

And you my donors have helped that happen!  THANK YOU! 

And my favorite "cyclist on the trails" Nino has my back as always.  And of course don't want to forget the world's best daughter-in-law Carla, my Pelotonia riding partner!

Sadly I continue to add to my list of 60+ names that I carry in a packet, tied inside of my helmet, too many more names!  And I can't ride in this race without also thinking of Randy, another hero of mine who waged a valiant fight.

Please join me as I ride in Pelotonia '20 to raise even more dollars for cancer research to END CANCER!

Thank you for helping me and all the other riders fight cancer for those who can't. 

My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
05/05/2020 Anonymous $100.00
03/22/2020 Anonymous $20.00
03/07/2020 A.J.Zarzano $50.00
03/01/2020 Trisha Justice $20.00
02/06/2020 Sharon Hill $50.00
01/09/2020 Bill Gillam $100.00